Octomom Takes Off Her Top to Pay the Rent

Look, we've all been there before, the rent check is due, the kids need new shoes, and those bar tabs keep piling up. Personally, I'm mostly relating to the latter, but we've all been forced to do a few things for cash we'd rather not cop to around the family dinner table. 

And, so Octomom took off her top.

Nadya Suleman, the mother of fourteen kids, including eight that stretched out her perineum on a single day a couple years ago, needs to pay her rent. So, off comes the top, revealing her half-worked, half-laser-chiseled multi-purpose mom body for a payday from some Euro-mag where people make less fun of you for being asinine and or just plain old-fashioned mentally unstable. 

What comes next month? 

Click to see even more covered topless pictures of Nadya Sulemanat Celebuzz.

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