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Natalia Belova Classy Sexy Lingerie Pictures for the Gentleman Admirer

You may not be familiar with upscale fashion model Natalia Belova, but she's the hottest thing ever to come out of the frozen lands of Siberia, well, short of that meteor that may have wiped out all the dinosaurs, but, let's say, in recent times. 

Sometimes we get a little bit raunchy here on Egotastic!, but at times we take up the classiness meter, and when we can do so with a hottie like Natalia Belova in her latest lingerie shoot for Panache Lingerie, well, why not? These classic lingerie styling photos of Natalia Belova remind us of an era when underthings on ladies were simple and elegant, and you had to get to like date number twenty or so to even get to see them. Egad, those were horrible times now that I think of it!

Thank goodness for women's liberation. Trashy lingerie and loose girls rule! Oops, I think I blew my point there. Enjoy.

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