Miley Cyrus Goes Jogging in Little Red Shorts, We Have to Follow

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Hey, when you're a world class diva with the singing voice of wet cement being poured through a rusted out sifter, you've got to have other tricks up your sleeve. Namely, keeping your little body in shape, as Miley Cyrus was doing over the weekend in her little red shorts and flashing her bra or sports bra, because you never really know with Miley who has no trouble working out in a bit of lacy lingerie.

We know there are mixed feelings about Miley Cyrus hotness, but we also know that when any of our young celebs go jogging, we are going to follow with our lens caps off and our pants on, and the latter only because we've been arrested too many times when trying otherwise, purely for comfort sake mind you. Enjoy.

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