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Leo Messi Sets Scoring Record for Barcelona

Oh, to be young, good-looking, wealthy, and the best soccer player in the entire world; it must be tough. In case you were wondering, I'm talking about Argentine super soccer stud Lionel Andrés Messi.

Singling him out is not meant to say that being great at other sports is not impressive as well. American football fans love guys like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and yes—Tim Tebow. Hockey fans love to watch Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. For baseball fans the list is endless.

When any of the aforementioned guys do something big fans all over the United States go nuts. However, when Leo Messi does something big millions of fans all over the world celebrate.

At the tender age of 24 Messi has already reached the pinnacle of his game having won just about every major individual award under the sun and most team oriented ones as well (a World Cup title still eludes him). With many more years still ahead for him to play, it looks as if there will be nothing stopping him from completely re-writing the record books in the world's most popular game.

Recently in a game against Granada he took over one major record, the club scoring record for Barcelona. With three goals on the night he became the leading career scorer for one of the most popular soccer clubs in the world. His first goal, at the 17-minute mark, tied the 57-year old record set by Cesar Rodriguez of 232 career goals. By time the game was over the new mark set by Messi stood at 234, and he did it in less than 8 seasons, compared to Rodriguez' 13.

At just 24 I think it is easy to say that Leo Messi is just getting started!

Article by Travis Pulver

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