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Leilani Dowding Bikini Pictures Deliver Cheeky Peeky Hotness (But Somethings Still Missing)

Oh, how we love to ogle our good friend Leilani Dowding when she takes to the beach in a bikini. Honestly, if you can't check out your female friends with a lascivious eye, then what are female friends for? And when Leilani shows off her award-winning bikini body, not to mention a memorable flash of her gorgeous buttockal region, you get an idea of how one becomes a Miss Universe contestant, not to mention our friend in the first place.

However, we also happen to know that Leilani is hardly shy about removing her top to let the benevolent rays of Mother Sun (and the benevolent eyes of gentlemen oglers) into her open hearth. So, we're forced to withhold a full-fledged slack-jaweed smile whilst gazing upon the loveliness that is Leilani, and merely pant out the word, "More please, Ma'am'.

And we'll bring it to you when it arrives, count on that. Enjoy.

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