Kelly Brook Trifecta of Goodness from a Hottie Who Never Turns Off the Sextastic Stove

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We've missed Kelly Brook. It's been only weeks really since we've seen here in these parts, but it feels like years, decades, an eternity whenever we don't regularly feast our peepers upon her curvaceous form. In honor of her return, we've got a trifecta of Kelly Brook out and about hotness shots of this past week, where the brunette Btitty bombshell just floated our boats right out and over our love tubs, doing precisely what she does best, making sextastic look ever so easy.

Let's start with stretch pants (above). Bless you stretch pants for framed ever so snugly about Kelly Brook's fine arse, you remind us once more why stretch pants are deserving of recognition as one of the greatest inventions of the past century or so.

And, now, the little summer dress, oh, Kelly, the picnics we would have upon your body.

And, finally, the see-through top. Kelly Brook madness, engage.

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