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Katy Perry Boobtastic Fronting for London Cocktease Hour

I was sitting on a plane this past week, somehow having made it past the no fly list restrictions, with a woman next to me reading one of the big name celebrity magazines with a feature on Katy Cocktease, how great she was doing since the recent divorce, how she was strong and moving on and getting sweet revenge by being happy and rich and successful. And all I could think was, 'Geez, who happily reads these magazines filled with such bogus crap made up by PR agents?' These magazines get access to the big celebs by promising to make up happy lies about them. What is that?

We here at Egotastic! hold ourselves to a much higher journalistic standard. Well, not much higher, but a tad bit higher, enough to tell you the truth about Katy Cocktease, and there are two truths as evidenced in these boobtastic photos of Katy from London over the weekend: (1) Katy is absolutely a miserable wreck, we see it in her face in her photos daily, let's quit the b.s., and (2) Katy has some amazing funbags that we firmly believe, if she finally revealed in full, rather than cocktease format, would bring some sunshine to her cloudy days. 

Free your body, free your spirit, Katy. Ponder. And, enjoy.

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