Kate Upton Drops the Sexy Boobtastic Bomb Whilst Pimping Skullcandy

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We love Kate Upton here and there and everywhere. And we would so eat her in a house, with a mouse. There's really nothing Kate Upton could do that could not be sexy. We'd snicker like a public park pervert every time she passed gas. Just can't help it, we dig her t hat completely.

In her latest pimpstress endeavors, Kate got all kinds of groovy bikini hot and naughty for Skullcandy, the maker of self-described wicked headphones for really getting the most out of your Taylor Swift double live albums. Personally, we're still using the headphones we borrowed from our last airplane trip, it works plenty well for Zeppelin IV, but if Kate Upton were to actually call and tell us to purchase the upscale brand, we'd be buying a hundred units at the store right now. We are weak before that ridiculous body. Enjoy.

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