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Kate Middleton, Yep, Still Want to Invade Her Private Castle

Sure, she's a million leagues now into her royal service, but we still know that the Duchess of Cambridge is yearning for a little taste of civilian. And, oh, how we'd like to be her rebellious fling on the side. Who's more commoner than we?

Kate Middleton was at yet another public service exhibition yesterday, this time in Dulwich to celebrate arts for the kiddies, and when she was able to get out of camera frame from her father-in-law Prince Chuck, looked all kinds of regally do-able. That does seem rude I suppose, but this is the hottest Brit to hit the House of Windsor since Diana, and she no longer walks among us, so Duchess Catherine now holds the title of hottest blue-blood. And, man, how we'd like to delve into her royal treats (again, such a rude thing to say, but honesty above all else). Enjoy.

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