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J-Woww Bikini Pictures Unleash Her Twin Cannons in a Vibrant Pink Blast

Through all the Jersey Shore mania, and the subsequent spin-off craptastic reality shows, we here at Egotastic! have maintained one consistent position -- we love J-Wowwfor her tatas. Yep, controversial, but, for real, those two flesh puppies are the sole, only, and singular reason to have any interest in anything related to the ginormous #2 MTV dropped on the world with J.S., not to mention every other bit of reality stank they've invented since they decided to stop being music television.

J-Woww was with that other dumpy pregnant short one in Cancun filming no doubt for her latest reality venture and doing so in a sink-the-pink colored bikini that showed off her for shizzle and her fur shizzle all in one fell swoop. Did we mention her posterior? This girl has got a body on her and it was pretty much entirely on display by the pool in the Mexican resort town.

Now, mind you, we are sticking to our promise to never watch any of these imposter Italian-Americans doing anything on television unless somebody's getting punched in the face, but, J-Woww, we simply can't resist the power of the knockers. Enjoy.

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