Hot Celebrity Moms in Bikinis Remind Us to See Stifler's Mom on April 6th

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The good folks from American Pie, celebrating the April 6th release of American Reunion, the last of the funny-sexy-comedy time in the Pie series, asked us to help celebrate super hot moms, so we did so the only way we know how, by honoring ten of our very favorite sextastic celebrity moms in all their bikini glory. I mean, seriously, that's what came to mind right away.

And our friends at are getting in on the action now too, with their Got MILF contest where you can take or submit pictures of your own hot mom (or other dude's moms), discretion pu-lease, and win some serious prizes, like a new iPad, to secretly photograph hot moms. See how awesomely vicious this cycle is?

And, not to be outdone with voting on pure looks department, there's a Better or Worse Facebook appthat encourages directly brutal voting on whether people look better or worse now than they did in high school. I think Facebook was actually invented for that reason or something.

And, of course, we're all heading to the premiere of American Reunion on April 6th, and not just because Cousin Jonathan reports back from an early screening that the film is quite the must-see, as are some blessedly topless new twin pairs revealed in the movie.

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