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Gabriela Rabelo Lingerie Pictures for a Trip Down Memories of Hotties Lane

As you may know, I own the personal distinction of selling more women's shoes at Macy's in one week than any other straight male under the age of 25 in the entire long history of the department store. My name is still mentioned in conversation about past legends by Macy's employees at the food courts of malls around this country. Well, let me tell you, son, the women's shoe department was hell. The only saving grace was its proximity to the women's lingerie department, so whilst I was working to stuff fat appendages into slender footwear, I could divert my mind's eye to the luscious bits of silk and satin and nylon across the way. They could take my body, but they could not take my mind.

All of which leads me to the absolutely awesome Gabriela Rabelo, another in the supply chain of super-sextastic Brazilian models, whose latest assignment was the bodily pimping of lingerie for the Macy's catalog. It's bringing back a flood of old memories and happy new thoughts like you would not believe. Just check out Gabriela and see if you don't start creating some magical moments of your own.

Welcome to Egotastic!, Gabriela. May I take your pants? Enjoy.

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