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Do We Love Audrina Patridge Just For Her Body?


Okay, and because Audrina Patrdige has a hot drunkie MILF of a mom, so it's not as if we're simply focused on her looks, unless you mean how she'd look as she walked in on us with her mom playing Battleshots in the nude (Battleshots, look it up). The former Hills reality star was caught moving from somewhere to somewhere, which isn't nearly as important a the fact that we got to see her lifting and hoisting her personal soda stream machine into her car, which provided some nice views or her stellar body (see above as to the one thing we do love about Audrina).

There's nothing wrong with being a vapid hottie who lives off of camera crews filming the banal details of your daily life and a cranked out editor in a dark room turning those moments into fake drama with riveting music. But, you've got to be hot. Audrina makes the cut. Enjoy.

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