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Courtney Stodden Underaged Bikini Pictures Ruin Rollerblading and Relationships With Grandpa

As we have scientifically documented, Courtney Stodden and her grandpa/husband are on a mission to destroy all that is (remaining) good and holy in America.

There ain't that much left to hit, but the 17-year old skeez with the 40-year old hard-life stripper body set her eyes today on the wonderfully traditional iconography of roller skating. Not roller blading, that horrible hipster phase from the 1990's that cost me half my friends by way of social exile, but roller skating, that wholesome All-American recreational sport popularized in the 1950's and perfected in Xanadu. But, no longer wholesome, now that Courtney and her stat-rap husband have seen fit to skank it up with bits and pieces of unctuous fame-mongering. 

Yet, undeniably, there is that body. I mean, under-aged and all, so we mustn't destroy its innocence.

You can check out the entire set of Courtney Stodden bikini pictures on roller skates exclusively on Celebuzz.

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