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Behati Prinsloo Lingerie Pictures for Victoria's Secret Depict a Very Naughty Girl Next Door

Oh, boy, how we have fallen for the sweetly innocent little hottie next up in the Victoria's Secret farm system, Behati Prinsloo. The twenty-two year old Namibian model just looks so damn coquettish we want to buy her an oversized lollipop and watch her... well, the point is, we want to treat her sweetly, only to later on discover that she happens to be the naughtiest girl we've ever met.

At least, that's how our current fantasy plays out, spurred on by her current Victoria's Secret catalog shoot, featuring the sumptuous cutie in bras, panties, bikinis, and other bits and pieces of hardly there clothing we expect her to take on summer holiday with us as we tell everybody she's our niece. Our super hot bodied niece.

Oh, the wicked clean fun we will have mending our shuttlecocks. Enjoy.

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