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Aussie Hottie, Indiana Evans, Reprises Brooke Shields in 'The Blue Lagoon'

Granted, Brooke Shieldswas but 15 or 16 when she filmed The Blue Lagoon, nekkid I might add, for those of you who clutch your pearls whenever we show Kendall Jenner in a bikini or used to show Taylor Momsen flashing her panties on stage, but Down Under young wonder Indiana Evans is now playing the The Blue Lagoon stranded hottie in Lifetime's remake of the 1980 film, now filming on location in Maui.

And Indiana Evans is every bit as hot as the teen Brooke. Though I doubt we'll see her in her birthday suit, thanks to a combination of freshly Victorian laws of the past generation, not to mention stage moms like Brooke had just don't come around often enough.

Nevertheless, prepare yourself to fall in love with Indiana, the girl, from Australia. I would not mind being stranded on an island with her. Quite hot. Enjoy.

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