Scarlett Johansson Bikini Pictures for Your Blue Hawaiian Balls (of Fun)

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Well, now this is a pleasant weekend surprise.

Okay, granted, seeing rare glimpses of super hot and curvy Scarlett Johansson in a little blue bikini on the Hawaiian islands is somewhat tempered by the fact that she's making out with her new boyfriend in several of the photos (we cut them, for the sake of the children). And, yes, there does appear to be a formation of some cheese d' cottage on the thigh area of Black Widow. But...this is Scarlett Johansson showing far more skin than she has since her team of high-priced attorneys had to go L.A. Law across the entire Internet last fall when her naughty self-published photos flew across the digisphere.

This is a good thing, the bikini candids I mean, not teams of attorneys on retainer. Enjoy.

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