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Monstrous Metal Gear REX Could Be Yours For a Measly $490.00

Oh how I love these types of news stories...

For all those Metal Gear fans whom have spent weeks in the darkest depths of their basements in front of their TVs, calling in sick and telling their girlfriend they're out of town just to spent some more time in their Metal Gear affair...I give you...

The REX!...

Tomopop has announced that this 1/48 scale of the REX from the Metal Gear series will go on sale next week for $490 in the Bambaland Store

Pocket change right? Well I'm sure 5% of the gaming population would agree with that statement, while the rest of us will simply admire this monstrous piece of art from afar.

The "toy" is manufactured by, none other than, ThreeAToys, whom are known for their master craftsmanship with collectibles. They're a perfect choice considering their past artistic endeavours in the Metal Gear series.

So who's going to loan me $500? Anyone?

Article By Travis Shuman
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