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Miranda Kerr Sextastic Spring Pictorial for Victoria's Secret

I think it's been several hours since I thought of Miranda Kerr and I'm already feeling anxious about it. It's the nagging feeling that you're forgetting something, in this case, my continuous and ceaseless lust for all things Miranda. 

I do realize that ever since Miranda entered MILFhood these type of obsessive feelings only became more, well, obsessive. And my shrink, the honorable Dr. Kyrie Phang, says that I need to find interests that will take me away from my obsessions. But, then, he's never had it this bad for uber-sextastic Miranda Kerr. So, simple prescription, difficult to execute.

In her new Spring pictorial for Victoria's Secret, the supremely good-looking Aussie shows once more why she routinely ranks among the world's hottest hotties, with some covered topless shots, a few bikinis, and even just ridiculously hot in normal, way-too-much clothes. I'm sorry, Dr. Phang. It's not that I can't stop thinking about Miranda Kerr, it's that I dont' want to stop. Enjoy.

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