Kendall Jenner Bikini Photoshoot Is Like The Dawn of a Pimpstress Era

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As you know, the Egotastic! prediction machine, with a historical accuracy of nearly 47.2%, has forecast young Kendall Jennerto be the tallest, hottest, and most cash-generating member of the Kardashian Mafia, when viewing over a lifetime revenue stream (and taking into consideration that she's already making family bank now at sixteen).

While we spent a solid year of half-hearted, lazy man type effort to save Kendall Jenner from a life of exhibition for cash, meh, we were forced by overwhelming circumstances to throw down our arms (which did help protect us from an embarrassing bulge) and surrender to the inevitable. Which, thankfully, will involve tons of hot photoshoots of the the born-to-model Kendall Jenner, such as this photoshoot for White Sands Swimwear, which features the statuesque teen in a bikini that does some things we can't really talk about for two more years. So, please, leer in polite silence. Enjoy.

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