Kate Upton Is Hot Here and There and Everywhere (In V Magazine and Esquire)

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Holy mega-boobtastic hotness. Kate Upton is literally everywhere these days and driving us to near libidinal insanity with that ridiculously hot body of hers.

Timed up with her big-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover and pictorial, Kate is gracing the pages of several other magazines this month, including the about to be released V-magazine (with black and white preview pic above, to die happy for) and Esquire magazine, where we can now bring you the behind the scenes look at her amazingly sextastic photoshoot.

February is a good month for anyone who happens to like hot busty blondes flashing their wares in itty-bitty bikinis and skimpy lingerie. As if that applies to any of you. Enjoy.

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