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Jill Martin Bikini Pictures Make for a Very Bouncy Early Morning

Today Show correspondent and part-time sports reporter, Jill Martin took some time off from her morning show hostess duties this weekend in Miami to throw on an undersized bikini and flash her top and bottom guns to the gentleman oglers lined up along the beach. For those of us for whom the Today Show is but the name of something that happens on TV early in the morning while we're still waiting for our hangover cure to kick i, well, Jill Martin's full-bodied bikini body is a nice introduction. There's nothing wrong with funbags for breakfast.

And, oh, by the way, early next morning Jill was prepped in some questionable see-through lace pants for a live segment on the beach with Paula Deen, the maker of biscuits and gravy, who we lust for very different reasons. We're not sure about the see-through pants on Jill, but we can hardly deny our blanket policy that less clothes is better. After all, we're not fashion week critics, we're just dudes who love to stare at girls body parts. Enjoy.

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