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Helen Flanagan Brings the Puppies Out to Play at No. 5 Cavendish

With news that British super-boobed soap star Helen Flanagan would be leaving Coronation Street this month, there was really just one thing to do -- hope that she'd flash her virtual award winning flesh puppies at one of her going away celebrations. And Helen obliged outside the No. 5 Cavendish club where the 21-year old boob tube thespianic put some serious deep cleavage wonderment on display for all those fans who will miss her top on the telly shortly, as well as just the 99.9 of gentleman oglers who crane their necks to catch such sights.

Throw in a little ThighGina™ from Helen with an almost purty-patch upskirt, and we must say the British truly are a very polite people. Enjoy.

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