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Gretchen Rossi Bikini Pictures Are a Bodacious Bright Spot in a Reality Show Black Hole

We are hardly the arbiters of good taste here at Egotastic! (brother sister pictures included in that deprecation). We are not qualified to be moral judgers or upholders of the appropriate. We'd make very lousy home owners association Presidents. In fact, if depraved thoughts were a crime, we'd probably be wearing an ankle bracelet right about now. Yet we still feel we have standing enough to say that most all of reality television programs, let alone those tracking mindless fighting drunken bims with bleached taints to tops, are really not so good for the grey matter of society. We'd fight to the death for their right to be aired, but, let's be honest, they're the turd pies of media content.

All of which brings us to Gretchen Rossi of The Real Housewives of Orange Country Housewives. A show about 45-year old women desperate to look 35 for whom we'd try to finish up our business in 25-seconds, lest they actually start using their mouths for speaking. Harsh? Yes, but honest. But there's no doubt that Gretchen has one pretty hot bikini body, so when she gets together a completely trumped up bogus bikini photoshoot, despite our moral indignity, hell yeah we're going to watch. And share with our favorite people, yes, we mean you. Enjoy.

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