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Emma Stone Bikini Pictures Are Candidly Gingertastic

There are three things I want to see before I die. Paris Hilton's medical records, the Taj Mahal, and Emma Stone nekkid. Not necessarily in that order.

We all lust Emma Stone, we do, let's be real. And after The Amazing Spider-Man this summer, well, we're going to have to share her fantasy-wise with every pre-pubescent boy on the planet. But, for today, she's all ours. And don't you know Emma has rewarded us with some not-oft ogled bits of her ginger-topped body, courtesy of these telescopic bikini candids from her poolside in Rio.

If seeing Emma Stone dripping wet in a little black bikini fresh out of the water isn't making your Easy A just a little bit harder today, you're not ogling properly. Enjoy

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