Courtney Stodden Homages Marilyn Monroe And Takes Down Yet Another Americana Institution

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First, she violated the pumpkin patch and Halloween for kids, then she almost single-handedly snuffed Christmas and Santa iconography, now underaged teen bride Courtney Stodden is destroying Marilyn Monroe. Not that Marilyn's classic pose hasn't already been virtually urinated on by the likes of so many other trampy celebs before, but this might just seal the deal. Courtney Stodden will do whatever it takes to be famous. Bang some old dude because he has an credit. Place various forms of carbon-non-neutral plastic products in her brassiere. And even try to sell herself to MTV. That's just shameful.

I'm not sure what the future holds for Courtney, but I'm guessing it's something along the lines of pregnant by 18, divorced by 19, and doing some films for private gentleman's pleasure by 20. But that is just a guess. Until that time, just keep your doors locked in case she comes b looking for sugar.

(By the way, we included the picture of Courtney's husband who seems to have her wrapped up in a vise grip like a kidnapped counter girl during a holdup at the Tastee-Freez. And that goofy-faced bodyguard. Something weird and shady is going on. But then I guess we already knew that.)

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