Blake Lively Hot Even With Clothes On in Elle (VIDEO)

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Blake Lively is another one of those super hot hotties from Hottieville who get a little miffed after their nekkid photos hit the digisphere then kind of go into sextastic-hiding for a little while. After Blake's topless cell phone pics made the rounds last summer, the sexy and a half Gossip Girl actress went so far as to hide her hotness by briefly beard-dating Leonardo DiCaprio. Now that's hiding.

But Blake Lively seems to be on the cusp of returning to status of 'Yeah, I'm hot and I'm going to use my looks and my body to get ahead' as all sexy celebrities should, by mandate, for their own benefit as well as ours, as evidenced by her appearance in the current edition of Elle magazine, where the sweet looking thespian shows that she's more than just an okay dramatist, she's one fine piece of womanhood. We appreciate your return, Blake. Enjoy.

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