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Audrina Patridge Takes Her Wicked Hot Body for an Ocean Front Jog

No matter what you can say about Audrina Patridge and her porridge brain, I will say back to you, yeah, but just check out that body.

For all the silliness of her craptastic reality show, and all her previous parts involving bubble-headed inanity of The Hills persuasion, you can never take from Audrina that rock hot body of hers. It's downright upright in its inducement of passionate feelings for gentleman oglers of all ages. And a body like that doesn't come easy. Oh, no, trust me, I've read books on this subject. Audrina has to work that booty and tummy and bosomy boobtastic, and she has to do so outdoors, and in very little or very tight clothing, because that's a recipe for success.

In her little purple sports bra and black leggings, Audrina took to the bike path of the South Bay of Los Angeles yesterday to put a little sweat into her most obviously redeemable assets. Every time Audrina bent over to tie her shoes, three seagulls fell dead to the pavement from sheer exhaustion. Yep, that hot. Enjoy.

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