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War Horse, Meh. Kate Middleton, Oh Mama.

I must admit, we didn't really get the movie War Horse here. We get why a dude would move heaven and earth and spend years and years of his life tracking down the hot girl who got away, but when that hot girl is a horse, yeah, you lost us. 

Nevertheless, the U.K. premiere of War Horse brought out the snapple-box of British celebrities, most definitely not the least of which was the Duchess of Cambridge, the future Queen, and our be-lusted princess, Kate Middleton, who has been turned into something of a gentle-hand waving public figure at this point in her regal career, but still stands out amongst all monarchial types for just being super hot, even if dressed in far too much clothing. Yep, we'd circumnavigate the globe for a tiny taste of Middleton, but as far as tracking down our lost pony, well, the world does need glue. Enjoy.

P.S. Happy 30th Birthday, Kate.

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