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Rita Rusic Continues Her Banging Body and Knocking Boots Exhibition in Miami

Our absolutely favorite sexy celebrity over 50, the ageless wonder Rita Rusic continued to flaunt her hot half-century old body in Miami over the weekend in two separate bikinis, showing off her inexplicably hot toned bosmy bikini body, not to mention having all kind of heavy petting fun with the new dudes she's often seen with whose name we do not know, but whose age we put at somewhere in the vicinity of 20 years younger than Rita. 

And, good for her, because what's good for the goose, is good for our long slow ganders at Rita Rusic suntanning, squirming, dressing, undressing, and pretty much anything else she does in one of her thirty seven or so bikinis and little dresses she uses to extra-cougar strutting to and from her poolside body work space. It truly is something you have no choice but to behold. A wonder(ful) of nature. Enjoy

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