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Rihanna Continues Blazing the 420 By the H20 in Hawaii

The girl loves her blunts, we love her butt, it all works out quite well with this latest round of candid snaps of Rihanna puffing the dank on the shores of her Hawaiian Island getaway.

Now, we stand firmly behind the right of Rihanna to medicate in the fashion that she sees fit, and as prescribed by a semi-licensed physician to whom you must pay $25 and complain of neck pains, that's a hurdle right there. Mostly we stand firmly behind anything Rihanna does, or, more specifically, we become firm while standing behind her.

Rihanna is just plain hot. And if you're into tripping the THC lights fantastic, I imagine you could do no better than to be sharing a spliff along an island beach with Rihanna as you explore the various curves of her amazing body like the perfect bud. Enjoy.

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