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Miranda Kerr and Charlize Theron Lead Pack of Hotties at W Magazine Party at Chateau Marmont

Toss these ingredients into a libido salad in your mind: Miranda Kerr, Charlize Theron, Emma Roberts, Emmy Awesome, and Jessica Biel. Now, add some dressing (no, not that kind of... nevermind). 

This weekend was undoubtedly the best weekend for A-list celebrity hotness in a long long time. Downright epic proportions thanks to the Golden Globe Awards which just keeps getting bigger and bigger each year, along with the swank parties, like that put on by W magazine this weekend at Chateau Marmont that caused the assembly of so much sextastic dress-up time.

This entire Award weekend recap day has almost knocked us unconscious here with women so stunning, we're even forgetting for the moment that they're wearing too much clothing. Enjoy.

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