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LeAnn Rimes Bikini Pictures Demand Attention

Okay, granted, there has been a little of the old 90210 work done. And, granted, she did buy her current husband from his then wife Brandi Glanville for $2 million smackers. And, yes, there is some questionable workout routines going on to turn this former chubby country music star into the world's most lean-muscled out chick ever. All that aside...

...I can't stop watching LeAnn Rimes in a skimpy bikini. There's just something there there. The country diva took to the beaches of Maui this week in a continuous, non-stop display of bikini body flashing the likes of which we tend to only see from our Sudamericana thong romping models. It was really quite something to behold as LeAnn ran, jumped, hopped, balled, and did about everything but the splits in her barely covering bikini body. Let's put it this way, she's not shy. And, so, despite all the bad press, we shall not be shy about ogling her sculpted features. Enjoy.

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