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LeAnn Rimes Barefoot Bikini Bathroom Booty

The hygiene police are up in arms this morning with the site of country diva and bikini bodied LeAnn Rimes visiting the beach bathroom in Maui without sandals on! OMG. Personally, I wouldn't visit any public restroom without a body condom and a continuous streaming mist of Lysol, but I'm something of a germ-a-phobe, somewhere in between Howie Mandel and Howard Hughes, but without being rich, it's just super annoying.

But the more important question really is, who the heck is looking at LeAnn Rimes' feet? Okay, tainty dirty, but so is that tightly sculpted bikini body on the albeit surgically enhanced, but still downright leer worthy former chubby teen sensation. As with all women, I could easily forget any issues I have with them when they strut around flashing their smoking hot bodies. Enjoy.

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