Lara Bingle Bikini Pictures Thunk Up Some Sweet Sweet Junk

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The good folks in Australia had a solid inkling of what they were doing a few years back when they picked model Lara Bingle to be the sextastic face of their 'Where the bloody hell are you?' monster tourism campaign around the world. Because every time I see Lara Bingle in a bikini, my first thought is, look up plane flights to the land Down Under on Expedia.

As a symbol of all things Aussie and bikini and hot, therefore, Lara Bingle has the opportunity, nay, the responsibility to prance about in her two piece exhibition uniform at least 200 days of each year, including over this past weekend where she taunted the world at large with her seat cushion that you will be dreaming about pushing for at least the rest of this day, if not the rest of all your days. There's something about this girl and the way her body fits a bikini that makes you wonder why the blood hell you're not in Australia right about now. Enjoy.

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