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Katy Cocktease Flashes The Legs That Will Trap Her Next Man

Katy Cocktease has been completely covering up her teasing-sized chest puppies pretty much since word of her strung-out husband divorcing her a few weeks ago, and follow-on revelations that Katy's fun-spirited, giggly public persona may not be quite exactly matching her private behavior. While the fact that a wife might be pleasant in public and a nightmare when the guests go home is, in fact, not truly much of a revelation for any man who's had more than one girlfriend in his life, we are always sad to see any reason for Katy Cocktease to further secrete her twin set of splendiferous melons. I feel like we are farther than ever from actually seeing those bad girls exposed.

Nevertheless, even the flashing of her leer-worthy legs leaves us in quite certainty that Katy will soon be wrapping the full Cocktease around another lucky bastard in very short order. Could it be us? Magic 8-Ball says 'Highly Doubtful'. Alas. Enjoy.

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