Katie Price Bikini Candids Drop Some Polka Dotness Hotness in Miami

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Katie Price, our not so little celubutante from Brighton made her way across the pond to Miami where Hector, our man with the milk cartons and mirrors turned into a maximum telescopic view finger, snapped some candid poolside bikini photos of the not-so au natural blonde and her noteworthy body. It's quite the in-thing these days to rag on Katie Price for being a Britty version of Kim Karsdashian, but, I think Kris Jenner already owns the rights to all international versions of her she-bot daughter, so we will be sued if we even make the comparison. 

What is a rightful comparison is the hot body, the ever changing appearance, and the celebrity getting-down time. And the fact that when in a bikini, or less, we can't stop leering. Enjoy.

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