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Katherine Heigl Gets Red Hot for 'One for the Money' Premiere

Let's be brutally honest, as we always are: Katherine Heigl is a bit of a handful of a woman. Granted, mostly based on rumors and gossip, but her rep as a difficult gal is something quite noteworthy in even a town filled to the brim with high maintenance women. So, yeah, maybe she's not the girl to take on the low-rent roadtrip cross country where showering is not only not mandatory, it's also highly unlikely.

Nevertheless, on the Egotastic! side of the coin, let's not dismiss just how hot this woman can look when she wants to. Yes, these days, it's only in designer clothes covering up much of her delicious looking body, but when she goes for the kill, she strikes with lethal lust jabs. Such as last night at the premiere of One for the Money, where Heigl had her hotness on full red alert, even showing hints of her closely guarded cleavage. It all kind of work. 

So, in summary, Katherine Heigl roadtrips -- out. Katherine Heigl daydreaming faptastic leers -- still very much in. Enjoy.

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