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Katharine McPhee Behind the Scenes of Her GQ Lingerie Photoshoot, Yep, She's Smoking Hot (VIDEO)

(UPDATE: Video stills from behind the scenes of Katharine's photoshoot removed at request of GQ. To see more of Katharine McPhee, check out her library page on Egotastic!)

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There's a large army of Katharine McPhee lusters out there, we know this, we can sense it, on certain days with the right wind conditions, we can even smell it (though we prefer just to sense it. And, quite understandable, the former American Idol contestant and star of the new TM musical show, Smash, which is like Glee, only possibly even more gay, if that is an actually perceivable measurement with current measurement technology,

Nevertheless, it's created need for promotion, and trying to find guys, any guys, to watch this show. Hence, putting the sextastic Katharine in GQ magazine, where she can be properly adored and virtually undressed by millions of male oglers. 

In this behind the scenes video, you get a good solid almost-taste of the power of the McPhee when it comes to cranking men's necks sharply in her direction. Like magic, but more real. Enjoy.

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