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Joanna Krupa Wicked Hot, Half-Dressed, and Bendable In Her Place

(Editor's Note: parts or all of the media originally contained in this post have been removed.)

Dayum. As if we didn't have enough growing pains as a direct result of the faptastic delight that is known as Joanna Krupa, the Windy City polski hottie who just seems to outdo herself with each and every appearance.

Today is no different.

The good and decent hot-woman adoring folks at Esquire have once again pulled off a pictorial mini-masterpiece by combining the excellence in eye-candy known as Joanna Krupa, with their sensational feature, 'Me in My Place', wherein sexy celebrities get snapped in what is supposed to be their living quarters, though clearly not, but that's all kind of irrelevant because they get all undressed and bend and lay across the boudoir furnishings like we always imagine they must in the privacy of their own homes. Because, let's be real, if you looked like Joanna Krupa, you too would spend a lot of time in your panties bending and stretching in front of the mirror.

Personally, I'd never leave the bathtub, but that's another matter entirely. Enjoy.

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