Georgia Salpa Got Her Hot Booty Booted from Celebrity Big Brother

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While we remain in true awe of how many hot celebrities participate in the raunchier version of reality shows outside the U.S., we are also confounded as to how they can ever kick these hotties off their show. Case in point, the Greek-Irish glamour model Georgia Salpa, who was booted last eve off the U.K. Celebrity Big Brother, just barely losing out to Michael Madsen, who got to stay. You're keeping Madsen over the super sexy Georgia Salpa? Who votes on these things?  (Actually, we're told one of the dudes chose to boot Georgia off the show because she wouldn't sleep with him, which, okay, fair enough).

Nevertheless, the 'eviction' process does give the boot-ee the chance to shake her boo-tay on the big long loser yellow brick road off the show, which when it's Georgia Salpa's keester, is worth a good booting. Enjoy.

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