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Eva Mendes May Be Diddling Ryan Gosling, But She'll Always Be Our Sextastic Sweetheart

Every time one of our favorite sexy celebs hooks up with some lucky bastard of a dude celeb, we lose a little bit of our humanity, at least, I think that's humanity in our tissue. The point being, our heart's break just a little. No doubt Ryan Gosling is the fastest rising dude star on the planet, and for sultry sexy Eva Mendes, okay, you gotta fall for somebody I suppose. But, Eva, so you know, we will always be your late night go-to booty call. You can use us, abuse us, ignore us, but when the body kneading needs getting done at 3am, call us, drunk is fine, we'll be here for you.

In this Ellen Von Unwerth photoshoot, Eva Mendes shows every bit how she so artfully, and hotly, covers her secretly naughty side. It's just quite alluring. Enjoy.

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