Courtney Stodden Tones The Hard Teen Body And Shows Off New Rent-a-Security-Guard

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Not exactly sure where teen bride and desperate fame seeker Courtney Stodden found her latest bodyguard, but then again, we're not really still sure how the world found Courtney Stodden, I mean, outside of her being sweet sixteen and betrothing and banging a 50-year old actor from Lost. Two peas in a disturbing pod, I suppose.

Watching Courtney Stodden, the now 17-going-on-45 year old working her admittedly tight little body in the public streets, with her goofball high-school-boyfriend-who-borrowed-his-dad's-coat serving as the world's least ineffective security device, I am reminded of Egotastic! Celebrity Principle #27: all things super retarded in celebrity land will eventually join forces. Enjoy.

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