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Courtney Stodden Teams Up With Phoebe Price for the Ultimate Cheeseball Celebrity Sandwich

Imagine the opportunity to see yourself 15 years in the future. Like those insurance commercials where you meet yourself down the road and get some great insights on the decisions you should be making today. What a tremendous blessing for teenage bride and fake-cleaved fame-seeking Courtney Stodden to get the opportunity to meet Phoebe Price, the self-proclaimed star girl who would be famous turned into the woman who was still desperately trying to be. Like looking into a mirror, literally, depending on how old you really believe Courtney Stodden to be, and we already know that Phoebe Price's age is a mystery for the ages, as it were. Yep, just two fame-sucking celebrities, on the bitter bottom of not quite Kardashian, one step above barista passing out headshots.

And, yes, I know, we're not helping. Enjoy.

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