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Bar Refaeli White Dress Hot Makes for Sextastic Window Shopping in Paris

As you know, everything we know here about fashion can be summed up with the simple thought: hot women get hotter when they wear less. Nevertheless, we understand there are people to whom cloth and fabric designs are of the utmost importance, we'll call these people women, and our surprisingly well-dressed organic produce delivery guy, Ray Quince, who kills at trivia night with anything Broadway musical related.

Such is the nature of the world, and the impetus behind yet another major Fashion Week in Paris, because, dammit, these clothes must be applauded. As for our purposes, Fashion Week does ever bring out the celebrity hotties, including Bar Refaeli, our most favorite Israeli supermodel who brought her epic hotness to the Dior party, just to remind everybody that she's hella sexy, single, and expensive.

We're looking Bar, and, yes, we understand we can't afford to buy. Enjoy.

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