2012 Movie Summer Blockbusters Preview

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bill-swift - February 22, 2012

This summer promises to be the most profitable in celluloid history. I know what you're thinking, you hear this every year. But 2012 is different. From March onwards there is a steady stream of movies entering our multiplexes that will also bombard us with various kinds of advertisements, each one more annoying than the last.

There will be blockbusters that feature established characters who are being unleashed upon us for either a sequel or reboot, confirmed money making actors trying to deliver new creations and there is even the prospect of half a dozen comic book heroes combining together to save the globe. Each of these films are destined to make an obscene amount of money that a small country would be jealous of.

But which films are cinephiles across the globe foaming at the mouth in anticipation for? And which movies are destined to break every box office record going. Until next year of course.

The Dictator - Sacha Baron Cohen has a tendency to steam roller the box office with his comedy capers. But have audiences become apathetic towards his schtick or can his attempts to satire Saddam prove he still holds the midas touch. 

Men In Black III - Barry Sonnenfeld's family sci-fi comedy's have always proved popular at the box office but with Will Smith's star appeal being overshadowed by Messrs. Clooney and Pitt does MiB still have the same allure as earlier in the millenia?

Rock Of Ages - Tom Cruise is still crazy right? Well this musical epic based on the popular theatre piece, is destined to either confirm those rumours or shoot him right back up to the top of the A list.

Prometheus - Ridley Scott's prequel to the Alien franchise has left nerds around the world in a state of permanent elation since it's trailer premiered just before Christmas. Fingers crossed that it will elevate rather than diminish one of the most respected film series in history.

The Dark Knight Rises - The final edition of the Batman trilogy has been set up magnificently by the film's writer and director Christopher Nolan, but without the threat of Heath Ledgers' Joker will it be able to survive? Surely Bale's Batman will finally lose his voice at some point too?

John Carter - Andrew Stanton's first foray into live action cinema, after his mammoth success with Pixar, will kick start the blockbuster season. Taylor Kitsch will play the eponymous character and the film has been in post-production for several months, promising some pretty special visual effects when it finally arrives next month. If not, there's always Finding Nemo 2. I'm actually rooting for this to fail now.

Star Trek 2 -JJ Abrams was able to appease both Trekkies and mainstream viewers with his updated version of Spock and Kirk's adventures. Fingers crossed that Shatner makes a scene stealing appearance this time round. Actually, scratch that, I immediately regretted writing it.

The Avengers - Ironman, The Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor and Captain America all in one film? And they are uttering words that have been scribed by Joss Whedon? What can possibly go wrong? Well apart from the fact that each of Marvel's films over the last few years have been tepid at best, there are way too many characters involved (Hasn't anyone learned anything from Spiderman 3?) and there doesn't seem to be any kind of threat that can truly dispose this gaggle of heros, it has the ingredients to be massive.

The Amazing Spiderman - No Raimi? No Maguire? No problem. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone'sSpiderman relaunch has become something of a forgotten entity amongst film connoisseurs but don't be surprised that come Autumn time, it's the film that everyone is raving on about.

Article By Gregory Wakeman