Zoe Kravitz Bikini Pictures For a Rare Bit of Zoe-gling

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We have a sweet little lust crush on Zoe Kravitz, but, man, is it hard to ever find Zoe around the way without a double full set of clothing on. So, imagine our tingly surprise when we saw the Bonet-Kravitz offspring thespianic down in Miami by the pool in just a little bikini over her au natural body. Well, we already mentioned tingly, so you get the idea.

Zoe Kravitz doesn't smack you in the face with her sextastic, though we would like that, for sure, but she's just one cute little Hollywood next-gen with a quite nice bikini body on rare exhibition (and, yes, we did intentionally omit her stupid boyfriend dude from Gossip Girl out of these photos, cause, who needs that image to ruin a perfectly good bit of Zoe-gling). Enjoy.

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