We Never Get to See Katherine Heigl Booty, Until Now

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Make of this what you will: Katherine Heigl has the lower body of an Olympic speed skater. For some of you, this will get you running for the hills, for those of us who truly appreciate a solid lower body and stout equine haunches on a gal, well, we'll be salivating here in the corner. 

The ever fashion conscious and often thought of as a tad bit prudish Katherine Heigl flashed a rare bit of stretch pants workout look on the streets of Larchmont Village yesterday and while she still looks like the chick who goes to the beauty parlor before going to the gym, we finally caught a clean glimpse of her un-loose fitting clothes figure, and, lo and behold, and low and hold, we saw a butt, and legs, and some other bits and pieces to hang our fantasy leaning hearts on. It's a real thing, at least for Katherine Heigl. Enjoy.

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