Veena Malik Full Pictorial in FHM India Brings an Undebatable Hotness

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Remember a couple weeks ago when Pakistani model and young Bollywood actress Veena Malik shocked the subcontinent by appearing covered topless on the cover of FHM India with some political satire messaging and then denied that it was her or that she took the pictures ever once a big scandal ensued form their release? Well, unless you've been dipping early into Ole Grandma Egotastic's egg nog recipe, you probably do remember.

Well now we have the remaining pictures that appeared inside the magazine, and controversy aside (as it surely must), Veena Malik is just plain old-fashioned sextastic. She's the kind of hot girl with a wicked mind that gets boyfriends into very big trouble. And, needless to say, we'd like to be that boyfriend in trouble, because it probably comes with some amazingly rambunctious making of the sexy.

And, for the record, we're certainly ready to go Tantric here, provided there's no ball game on TV, natch. Enjoy.

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