Sofia Vergara Bikini Candids for a Delicious Long Distance Peek on Her Amazing Veteran Hot Body

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Here's an interesting phenomenon. Sofia Vergara loves to show off her hot body in her various wardrobe choices in and around Hollywood, but when it comes time to get down to the bikini or less, she gets particularly private. Now, while this presents a greater challenge to our sextastic celebrity body detective, thanks to modern refractive lens technologies, you can experience a refractive period of your own courtesy of these telescopic Sofia Vergara bikini pictures from her private vacation down Mexico way.

Forgive the graininess of the photos, but being camouflaged as a banana tree a good two-thousand yards away from your photographic target is no simple task, especially when the native monkeys start going for your banana. But worth it! Anything Sofia Vergara skin, body, and cleavage showing is worth it. Enjoy.

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